Jackie Maurer is a ceramicist and educator who lives and works in the Burren Ballyvaughan Co Clare. She has been educating and practising in the field of ceramics for over 15 years. She holds a first class honours degree and in her early days was trained by Stephan Pearse, Mandy Parslow and on the Thomas Town pottery skills course in Co Kilkenny. In 2012 she became a student future maker recipient and has exhibited internationally and nationally throughout the years. Jackie is currently the regional co-coordinator in Co Clare for the Crafted course that is run by the DCCOI. Jackie is passionate about teaching and sharing the skills of ceramics so that the skills are not forgotten and the gift of making with your hands is passed on.

My Practice  My sense of place, the connection to my environments and my cultural surrounding are all metaphorically becoming present in my work. I am reflecting on my inner sense of being and questioning my connection to my sense of place. My thought processes are been defined by my action of choosing to live rurally and inhabiting a slower pace of life. Looking and responding to the ever-changing moods, textures and tones of the landscape is evidentially present in the objects. Being a studio potter is a very traditional trade and the work is often very identifiable, I find my practice returning to this style of making where the function of the object is very functional. I find myself making pots in small series and repeatedly making similar forms in various sizes and exploring the relationship between them. The function of the object is very important in both strands of my work.


My Process Porcelain clay is my material of choice, I surrender to its laborious and challenging needs. Yet it often disappoints, but when it behaves the results of the works are extremely beautiful. I am constantly pushing the clay to try and achieve work that speaks of the landscape, dying the material with many different oxides and stains to capture the moods and colours that I desire. The process is slow but the journey excites my soul.


Education Currently I am the regional coordinator for the Crafted program in Co Clare, Crafted is about integrating crafts skills into primary education, I also teach on this program. I run many tailored made classes from my own studio in the Burren for adults and children. I have taught on CPD courses for primary school teachers. Education is very important to me as a maker as I feel that it is up to those who are skilled in their field to pass on those skills to the next generation of makers and to people who are willing to learn.